A Majority of Boomers Plan to Move … But are they Ready?

Baby Boomers MovingFor nearly 10,000 baby boomers a day who will be retiring over the next 17 years, there are a multitude of decisions to be made.  When should I retire? How should I file for social security? How will I pay for healthcare? These are questions that need to be answered, along with one more … Should I move?  

In a recently released study from Better Homes and Gardens, 57% of baby boomers plan to move out of their current homes in retirement. Moving in retirement can often mean savings on taxes and lower maintenance costs as well as potential income tax savings if moving to a more tax-friendly state. But even if staying in place, many retirees may find their current home no longer suits their lifestyle.

Over many years we accumulate a lot of stuff, and moving requires us to do something with it. If you don’t have good systems in place for reviewing everything, the thought of transitioning can become paralyzing.

Taming March Madness – How to Use Lists for Organizing

yourlistInstead of watching 1,000 hours of basketball games or running around trying to get ready for spring in March, take a few minutes to organize your life by using lists. Write down tasks and dedicate 10 minutes a day to help you tame March madness and cure spring fever. Lists allow you to use your time wisely. Below are suggestions on when, where and how to use lists.

Change of Seasons List

Create a list for the change of seasons. On it are the tasks that need to be done consistently year after year. Here is an example of what your seasonal winter-to-spring list might look like:

- Exchange winter coats for spring jackets
- Store snow boots, winter hats, gloves
- Swap seasonal clothes
- Replace heavy fabric linens with lighter, e.g., tablecloths
- Change out seasonal decorations, box and label
- Store snow shovels

Choose a place for storing your items and keep like items together.

Forget Expansion or Moving. Use a Professional Organizer to Create Space

Professional_Organizers_Create_Space_in_Family_RoomWhen a family believes they have outgrown their current home, often their first thought is remodeling or moving. They forget to consider a far less expensive option: professional organizing. Before you go through the expense and hassle of a remodel or move, consider the solutions of a professional organizer.

A professional organizer gets to the root of the problem, identifies the source of your clutter, and discovers what you really need to be happy in your home. Sometimes when you think you want more space, what you are really craving is a simpler life, and room to breathe. More space won’t necessarily give you that.  In fact, without addressing the reasons for your clutter, you may quickly be in the same situation in a bigger space. More space may actually mean more clutter down the road.

Simplify Your Life with These 10 Simplesizing Resolutions

Getting organized is a common New Year’s resolution, but one that often doesn’t have a lot of staying power. Instead I ask clients to look for ways of making life simpler. I call it “Simplesizing® ” and to make it happen we apply organizing principles to life.

Simplesizing Resolutions for 20141. Create Clarity

The first resolution is to create clarity about what it is that we want from our lives, from a professional standpoint as well as a personal standpoint. If you don’t have clarity about what you want, everything becomes more difficult.

2. Take Stock of Where You Are

The second resolution is to take stock of where you are. I ask people to evaluate where they are in relation to their goals.

3. Decide What You Really Want

The third resolution is to decide what you really want. This makes it very easy to see where you should put your focus for the New Year. Do you want more time with family? A more secure financial future?  A more organized home? It’s important to prioritize.

Can a Home Organizer Help You Overcome Clutter?

clean roomEveryone deserves a suitable space to live, work and play. When your space no longer meets your needs a few changes can make a difference. Look around at what you can do yourself to make it better. If that doesn’t work, you have a choice. Here are some of the more popular reasons for why people choose to get help from a home organizer.

You have specific problem areas

It may be one or two areas that just seem to have a life of their own. No matter what you do, you cannot find a solution to keeping order in that space. These may include cluttered closets, pantry overloads, playroom pick up, home office hide and seek, lost in space computer files, unruly basement storage or garage calamities. Ask yourself if you can overcome this clutter and reclaim your space. If your answer is no, call a home organizer.

10 Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014

Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014Certified Professional Organizer Jane Carroo offers “10 Simplesizing Resolutions for 2014″ that will get to the heart of why your life feels cluttered and unorganized

The start of the New Year is a great time to assess how life is going. Getting more organized is typically one of the Top 10 resolutions for Americans. “We get all pumped up, run out and buy a bunch of storage solutions, and then wonder why six months down the road, our house or closet looks as cluttered as ever,” says Professional Organizer Jane Carroo.

Tis the Season for Organizing

organizing for the holidaysThe holidays are a hectic time for many of us. On top of an already busy schedule we add shopping, baking, volunteering, decorating and entertaining.  Organizing skills can help you manage the season and keep focused on the true meaning of the holidays.

Get time on your side

A successful holiday can be organized by using a calendar to block out times for baking, decorating and shopping as well as social events. Call friends now to get your dates scheduled.  If you are already overscheduled you will be able to see it earlier, set priorities and scale back if needed.

Best Gift Ideas That Don’t Take Up Space

yoga classUnclutter your holidays with gifts that won’t take up space.  Here are some great gift ideas that won’t break your budget or take up space. Think consumables, outings, and experiences for everyone on your list.

For the book lover … an e-book giftcard allows you town downloads of books or magazine subscriptions on your electronic device

For the fashionista … tickets to a fashion show or a style makeover

For the sports fan … tickets to a favorite team’s event are always a good choice, but what about their favorite football fare or treats in the team colors

For the foodie … consider tickets for a culinary tour, cooking classes or shares in a Community Supported Agriculture, that offer locally grown products direct from the farm

Seasonal Swap Stimulates Home Organizers

changing colorFor those of us living in climates that change quarterly, the change of seasons acts as a stimulus for getting organized. Think about how much time and effort is involved in the seasonal swap. First, you identify what will and won’t be needed for the changing conditions. Second, you find it. Third, you designate a ready place to access it. Fourth, you store the out of season stuff. This cycle continues year round.

Learning to enjoy, rather than endure the change of seasons begins with good organizing principles. If you feel frustrated when temperatures rise or fall a professional home organizer may be of help.

When seasons change from summer to fall lightweight wardrobes are exchanged for corduroys and jackets. Bicycles and wheelbarrows get stowed. Drawers need room for school supplies. The changing colors and textures outside inspire us to change our interior décor with seasonal textiles such as pillows, placemats and napkins.

Spring may be for cleaning, but fall is a good time for home organizing. Here are some simple ways to organize when you know the change of seasons is upon you.

Family Organizing: When Someone Else’s Clutter Weighs on You

family organizingWhen you are ready to clear the clutter but family members aren’t on the same page it can be frustrating. There isn’t an easy fix to this common problem. Laying down the law with the kids or your spouse is likely to build resentment, resulting in a temporary fix. The clutter will return.

With time and patience you can influence long term behavior change. It’s best to lead by example. Even if the kids’ toys and spouse’s sports memorabilia are overtaking your home, resist the urge to deal with that first. Start your own de-cluttering journey. Focus first on personal spaces where you can control what goes in and out: your closet, your home office, and perhaps your kitchen, if you prepare most of the meals.  Let family members see the transformation for themselves. Share how these spaces make you feel, compared with other areas of your home.