Moving Day – Get and Stay Organized From Day 1

boxes for moving dayMoving day will arrive soon and you may wonder, ‘Am I ready?’ Here are some tips to help you answer this question well before the truck pulls up to your house.

If you have not filtered out all the items you don’t use anymore, do so now. You still have time to take this important step. The price you pay for packing, transporting and unpacking old stuff is not only in time and money. It will clutter up your new home.

How an Organized Home Helps Kids’ School Performance

school suppliesHome environment is one of the key factors affecting a child’s school performance. Kids who do better at school tend to come from quieter, more organized homes with predictable routines. This is true regardless of socio-
economic status. The home is not a passive place for kids. Also, let’s not forget that the child impacts the home. When it comes to a well organized home and school performance, let’s consider clutter, color, calendars and confidence.

Reduce clutter

Men vs. Women: How to Settle Organizing Style Differences

Organizing ArgumentsSometimes I am called into situations where clutter is causing conflict between a husband and wife.  Perhaps the sports memorabilia is taking over the house; you can’t walk through the garage, or the spare bedroom has become a dumping ground.

Recognize your motivations may be different

While being organized is a common goal for both men and women, I have noticed that the motivation for being organized can be completely different.

In my experience women respond to the visual appeal of an organized space, while men are more interested in the functional benefits of improved organization.  Finding the reward for both individuals is key to getting both parties to work together.

Affirmations For Home Organizing

Affirmation for home organizingIt feels great when we clear out clutter and organize a drawer, closet or bathroom. We feel a sense of accomplishment, order and calm. You can use that feeling as an affirmation when organizing your home: “I did it!” An affirmation is simply a positive statement that describes a desired situation. Here are some ideas for using affirmations to get and stay organized.

Choose a time of day to repeat your affirmation. Some people like the morning before their day’s activities begin. Others like to repeat their affirmation in the evening when it is quiet. Or they will pull it up whenever the time seems right. The important thing is to repeat it each day. This way it gets planted in your subconscious mind.

Is Clutter Cramping Your Style?

Organizing Coach Clothes Closet AfterStyle is more than keeping up with the latest trends. It’s a way of living. It is a form of expression that reflects who you are and your lifestyle. Appearance is a part of it. Yet style also includes knowing what you value, what you like, and what priority you place on each of these. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but a good sense of style is something we all appreciate. It may be found in the way a person speaks, dresses or decorates their home. It is a source of pleasure.

3 Considerations When Organizing Your Craft Room

You’ve created a space for your hobby but how do you keep it organized? In order for you to enjoy your craft time, there are three key considerations: tools/supplies, storage, and personal style.

Tools and Supplies

Look at the amount and size of the tools and supplies you need to support your craft. There’s a big difference between what a stamp collector needs and what a painter has to have. For example, if you are using craft paper or canvas measure how deep and wide a drawer you will need to hold them. Once the size dimensions are identified, you can organize your tools by function and how often they will be used. But if your tools don’t fit, it’s time to find a better space.

How a Home Organizer Solves Home Office Issues

home_office_Organizing_ChicagoIf you work from home full time you are part of a growing trend. An estimated 3.2 million people in the U.S. work at home, a number which has risen 79% since 2005. Employers appear to be warming up to the idea of telecommuting employees. Perhaps because a recent survey showed home-based employees worked an average of 9.5% longer and were 13% more productive.

How Closet Organizing Helps Sell Homes

Closet Organizer ChiicagoOne of the most important features homebuyers are looking for in a house is closet space. In particular, bedroom closet space. This space in a house allows them to see how they will keep their clothing organized and possibly eliminate the need for a space-guzzling dresser. Well-organized closets help homeowners keep clutter from accumulating in other rooms and doorways as well.

How an Organized Home Reduces Stress

IMG_0761In a well organized home, there is no mail or school work lying on the counter. There are no laundry baskets in plain sight, no backpacks, shoes, or coats lying around. The dishes are done and put away. The table is clear, ready for a new task to begin.

In other words, there is no work staring us in the face when we walk in. When we see pictures of organized homes, or walk into a beautiful vacation home with none of our clutter around us-we feel none of the stress or anxiety that we feel when we walk into our own cluttered homes.

Stay Organized for Tax Time Year Round

tax organizingTax time cannot be avoided without penalty. Like spring showers, it comes around each year whether we like it or not. What you can avoid is the last minute search for documents, receipts, and forms you need to file before the April deadline.

If you work with an accountant, you can use their year-end tax planning guide to help you itemize your individual and business taxes. It often includes tips on lowering your taxes and keeps you up to date on current tax laws. You can make your own list as well but accountants can offer ideas you may not think of on your own.